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Vol.1 Exploring Japan starts from Osaka 「大阪で、日本を探る」


I am Airita, foreigner living in Japan. My decision to move to Japan was related to the Japanese culture. I am keen on learning new languages. However, the environment is very important. Japan is divided in 47 prefectures. I live in the 2nd biggest city in Japan called Osaka. Osaka is the city which was the first capital city of Japan. Therefore, no doubts that it is not only the the right place to learn the history and reasonable events why we see Japan as we know it now, but also for a foreigner to bring new ideas, cultures and politics into the Japanese world.




You might be still in the airplane and already experience unique feelings. Japan is known as the land of the rising sun, and that's how Japan welcomed me - with sunrise. The view through the airplane window over the the Kansai International Airport (KIX) was epic. I saw the most important port of Japan, which respectively is located in Osaka. However, my eyes became like hypnotized watching the live video in the aircraft cabin streamed from the front of the airplane. It showed the landing path of the airplane - for the KIX it is right in the middle of the water. What a bouquet of emotions still on the airplane!


"Another convenient store is just around the corner"


Port is well-maintained since 4th century. It is surrounded by beautiful people. Osaka is known historically as being almost free from major conflicts with other areas in Japan. It is so convenient to live here, everything is explained in an appropriate way, another convenient store for you is just around the corner, and the official bureaucracy system applies to everyone under the same conditions. Japanese does their job accurately. I feel, that in Osaka they do their job with pleasure. I meet new locals in Osaka every day - work, shopping streets or malls, market, never ending e-bike bicycle drivers back and in front of me, etc.

I am sure that I can feel the same safe emotional atmosphere as during the honorable past generations lived here.




Every human being has their own story of becoming his or her new version of himself or herself. It is rarely possible to hear the story of locals. The city seems like is never sleeping. Fortunately, when it comes to TEDxNamba, locals stop for a while and tell their unique experience, sharing their own ideas. TEDxNamba is the one and only TED organization earned the respect to inspire the world from Osaka. I am inspired to hear what locals has to say, are you?

"TEDxNamba is the one and only TED organization earned the respect to inspire the world from Osaka."





Airita Erte アイリタ・エルテ

TEDxNamba PR team member, writes blog articles by living in Japan and being inspired from Osaka locals. She has experienced to work together with Japanese people and studies Japanese.

大阪の人達からインスパイアされるようなブログ制作に取り組んでいる、TEDxNamba PRチームメンバー。日本語を勉強しながら、日本人とともに働く経験をしている。



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