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Vol.3 Every moment as a teaching lesson 「すべての瞬間を教訓として」

In order to let the plant grow, the roots system must be not only strong, but also has a space for growing.


There is something in common for all people in the world - when a child starts to go to school, the parents must pay attention what attitude for the child develops regarding to school, because the myth of belief that children who likes to study are weak, silly and boring - unfortunately, never dies. However, in the reality, if there is a chance to learn something new, a human being becomes the opposite - by the time he or she can be easily distinguished in the society as strong, rational and interesting.


In my opinion, one of the most important factors in education is teacher. Teacher in this context might be father or mother or siblings, professor at the university, mentor at the organization and boss at the workplace, etc. Soshite this understanding developed by the time.


The Kindai University public relations spokesperson Ishihiro Seko has a plan to welcome more and more students at the university. He is in the right place in the right time to help be an example for younger people and help to decide what is the next step to do. Usually choosing the next step is very hard due to overwhelming opportunities. Nowadays living generations have a huge problem to face - a need to believe what is written in the internet. It requires the skill to be able to analyze. During this never ending analyzation process a teacher advice is a good idea! Now, let's suppose the university by itself becomes one of the teachers. The employees at the university as one big team has to serve the needs clearly and adjust opportunities to the upcoming generation. Ishihiro Seko is in public doing actions in order to prevent regular university management. This movement let the plant grow more higher and more beautiful due to strong support from teachers.

近畿大学 広報のスポークスマンである世耕石弘さんは、近畿大学にどんどん学生を迎え入れようと考えている。彼は、若い人たちの模範となり、次のステップを決定する手助けをするために、適切な時期に適切な場所にいるのです。圧倒的にチャンスや情報がありすぎるため、通常、次のステップを選択することは非常に難しいことです。


"Never ending analyzation process"


Sometimes our teachers might be not available. That is very well known situation for all the students. But, TEDxNamba team ensures to you that you will get a great teaching lesson at the TEDxNamba event! Don't miss a chance to find your next teacher!


"Get a great teaching lesson at the TEDxNamba event"


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Airita Erte アイリタ・エルテ

TEDxNamba PR team member, writes blog articles by living in Japan and being inspired from Osaka locals. She has experienced to work together with Japanese people and studies Japanese.

大阪の人達からインスパイアされるようなブログ制作に取り組んでいる、TEDxNamba PRチームメンバー。日本語を勉強しながら、日本人とともに働く経験をしている。



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